Ich will es genau wissen

Hannelore Thomas



Facebook Corporate Officed & Headquarters

Mr. Mark Zuckerberg

1 Hacker Way

CA-Melon Park

California 94025



Mark Zuckerberg

Marc Andreessen

Susan Desmond-Hellmann

Reed Hastings

Erskine Bowles

Peter Thiel

Sheryl Sandberg

Jan Koum


I also send this by mail


Dear Mark, Dear Marc, Dear Susan, Dear Reed, Dear Erskine, Dear Peter, Dear Sheryl, Dear Jan,


I am working on a public submission regarding the blocking of Facebook users in Germany.

My questions are:

1)      Do you check in USA German Facebook posts regarding hate speech?

2)      Are there legal criteria for this and who establishes these? In case the answer is yes, would you be so kind to make them accesible to me

3)      According tot he Bill of Rights and the 5th Amendment can Facebook users in America post anything on Facebook?

4)      Can Facebook users in the US notify you about posts of other Facebook users?

5)      Does your Company block in Amercia Facebook users because because they have been reported? In case you do block Facebook users in US must you name the concrete infringement?

6)      In case Facebook users in US are blocked what is the legal basis for this?

7)      Do you also decide in US when Facebook users in Germany are being blocked?

8)      If you do not decide it, who decides it for Germany?

9)      Are there agreements between you and Facebook in Germany? Europe? Regarding the blockage of a user or a post? In case yes, would you kindly provide me with the agreement, please

10)   Do you know what Facebook Germany considers hate speech vs freedom of speech?

11)   Who determined Facebook Germany what hate speech is?

12)   Are there agreements between Facebook US and Germany (with whom?) and can I get copies of these

13)   Which section of Facebook in Germany deals with blocks users?

14)   Is there an agreement between this section and Germny of the blocking of Facebook users? I would appreciate a copy of this agreement

15)   In Germany the person who has been blocked gets the following message:



I did not find the exact „Community standards“.

In Germany in Facebook is spoken of guidelines which allow Facebook to block someone in case that person feels harassed, insulted for example.

But without exact definition we all know that everyone’s opinion is bound to be subjective.


I would be very thankful if you would provide me with all necessary informations, agreements, criteria that is combined with the blocking of Facebook users in Germany and what difference there is to Facebook users in US.


With kindest regards




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